About John F. Hannah

About Pastor John F. Hannah 
Pastor John F. Hannah made a career of changing lives early on. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice from Alabama State University, he served as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Chicago’s Cook County where he impacted the lives of young adults. Concurrently, Hannah served as a youth pastor for a local church for many years. Evangelizing with a focus on urban youth year after year created opportunities for Hannah to perfect the calling for his destiny as the shepherd of a remarkable organization that would become New Life. He also served as Executive Director of the Inner-City Youth Spring Break Conference (IYSBC), which under his leadership grew exponentially. Today New Life Covenant Southeast nears membership over 20,000. The unwavering passion for life transformation in the lives of urban youth is evident with over 70% of the church population between the ages of 18 and 35. While the numbers suggest a megachurch sized atmosphere, the spirit of the house and its members promote a family environment, committed to serving God and our Community.

In addition to his role as the Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church, Pastor Hannah shared his wide ranging humorous talent in the name of Jesus. He hosted a daily morning radio program on WGRB AM in Chicago for 13 years. “The John Hannah Morning Show” aired on Inspiration 1390 AM and was the #1 rated gospel radio in Chicago and surrounding areas. He won a Stellar Award for 2013 Gospel Radio Announcer of the Year.

Hannah outlines steps to take while waiting in faith for God to respond to our call. In his first published book, What to Do While You're Waiting, he bases the theme on his personal experience of waiting for God’s plan to unfold, rather than stepping out ahead of Him.

In September 2015, Hannah released his second published book Desperate for Jesus. Within the first week it reached the #1 rating on Amazon’s new releases. It grasps the heart and soul through his transparent journey with Christ. Desperate for Jesus aids believers in their obstacles in many areas: in difficult times, lack of family support, betrayal, unhealthy anger, spiritual immaturity and much more. He truly conveys to all that it's time to live desperate!

Working closely with the youth in church and secular arenas, Pastor Hannah is sensitive to the ills and the needs of the city and is determined to reap the harvests he has planted. Because of his commitment to the community that continues to expand, Pastor Hannah, has previously served under the appointment of Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, on the Human Resource Board for the City of Chicago and the Civic Consulting Alliance for the Chicago Public Schools.

Pastor Hannah is married to Anna Hannah, his wife of over 22 years who also serves alongside him. She is dedicated to supporting his vision and the mission of New Life Covenant Southeast.